Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Visual Kei in five simple steps.

Visual kei is a musical genre born in Japan that considers the visual part as important as the music itself, and in some cases, even more important (judging from those bands that simply cannot play music or sing.) However, the truly fascinating element (at least for me and the majority of occidental women) is how much the feminine element is stressed and celebrated in the way these bands (all of them formed by men) dress up and wear make-up. Now this may or may not be someone's cup of tea. It's certainly mine. Still, most of the time I am overcome by hysterical giggles when seeing the reaction of the average man metalhead in regard to this genre. I mean, imagine what the average man must feel when confronted with something like this, which is a very nice song by the way:

Or something like this:

Or maybe this:

 As you can understand, the more lace, velvet and frill you can have around you and on you, the better it is. Talking to cutlery, grapes, roses and your boa is very good for the image too. Then rock your socks off, or be as melodramatic or as sultry as possible. If you can do all of them together, then you must be very famous already and you don't need my advice. Wear long wigs, freaky contact lenses and move either in a slow, hypnotized, (see "graceful") manner or with jerky movements, as if there are ants inside the wig and they are biting your scalp viciously, but YOU. MUST. NOT. SCRATCH. I am often wondering, really wondering how uncomfortable it must be to move and play musical instruments dressed like that.

All joking aside, I love Visual Kei. I would listen to it even if there was not dressing-up involved. But for someone who loves period clothes like I do it's a bonus. Especially since it involves watching pretty Asian boys dressed in them dancing and rocking for my eyes only. Come on, call me names, you know you want to. ;-)

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