Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Let's do this!

Okay, this will be a blog dedicated to creativity and interesting things! So, I'll begin by sharing some of the beautiful friendship books I made recently. Some of you will ask, "what is a 'friendship book'?" Well, they are usually small booklets that travel from one person to the next via traditional post, not email. I have seen great variety in my long years of swapping, varying from simple sheets of paper to super-elaborate booklets with highly decorated covers. The idea is the same behind it: one makes a friendship book either for themselves, or someone else. They are the "makers", and if the fb is made for themselves, the "owners" as well. They add their name and address and their hobbies, info on what they collect, etc. Then they pass it on to someone they exchange letters with. That person adds their information too and likewise pass it on. When the entire space, if it is a sheet, or all the pages, if it is a booklet, are filled, the last person must post it back to the owner. Unfortunately, most fbs never make it home. Some people keep, or destroy fbs; sometimes (but not as often as you think!) the post office helps by making an entire envelope of them vanish. And other times people themselves make the task of returning an fb impossible, either because the address is unreadable, or wrong, or they have moved, or it is an email address that no longer works. Perhaps at some point I'll write more on this. For now, I'll just put some pictures of my recent batch of High Quality (highly decorated) fbs here. I often use pictures of artists, singers etc as my inspiration. Enjoy.

Vampire HQ fb

Gackt HQ fb #1

Gackt HQ fb #2

Dir en Grey HQ fb

Atsushi Sakurai HQ fb

Yoshiki (X-Japan) HQ fb