Monday, 30 April 2012

Too sleepy... but happy.

Nodding off... But I have just finished a HQ fb and want to share! The stunning redhead I used as cover picture is a model. His name is Bartek Borowiec and he is Pole. He has the kind of hair that makes any woman GREEN with envy. Including myself. And the kind of face that makes a very impressive number of women hot and bothered. Again including myself.
Thankfully I have started making the fbs smaller in size... And now I am off to bed and will finish this (inside, back, add plastic cover) tomorrow.

  And this is the back of the fb.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Goths in HQ fbs

I went and did it again. :-) This is the latest one. The cover is Chai Deveraux from Jesus on Extasy. I love goth boys. I can't help it... Blame my aesthetic criteria.

That's the inside of the fb. I used a piece of fabric to cover the sheets and decorated that, too.

And that's the back of the fb. :-)

I probably need a straight-jacket, but I enjoyed myself a lot. This one took me about three hours. More on the way. :-)