Friday, 27 July 2018

Toward new crafting adventures!

I decided to join two different crafting groups on Facebook. They are both run by swappers who are also penpals of mine. For those of you who don't know, these groups operate by regular swaps, usually monthly. Themes are selected, and members choose the theme(s) they want to participate in. Then every member has to make one High Quality (or Nice and Neat) fb for themselves and one for the person from the group they are partnered to. 

The reason I decided to join these groups is that, if left to my own devices, I'll keep making Tokio Hotel fbs till kingdom come. Crafting groups are a good opportunity to try one's crafting abilities on different themes and colours than they'd usually choose. The reason I had not joined any groups until now is that stress is my worst enemy. It kills my creativity and makes me hate what I normally love. Nothing stresses me more than deadlines, so joining groups did not seem a good idea. I am still not completely certain it was a good idea. For the time being I go with the flow. If I get so stressed I can't follow, I'll just leave, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

So the first theme I chose was Steampunk. I made one HQ fb for myself and one for my partner. This is the fb I made for myself.

To see a larger version of the pictures: click on the picture, 
then right mouse click, choose View Image and press the 
little magnifying glass.

And this is the fb I made for my partner.

 I try to keep the back simple because it takes forever to make HQ fbs. The finished result may look straightforward enough, but finding matching colours, deciding on a design, finding the appropriate border stickers and embellishments and finally covering the fb by plastic is very, very hard. As to why I bother when so many items get damaged or lost in the post, damned if I know.

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