Monday, 25 November 2013

Me, obsessed with men with long hair? Nahhh.

Yesterday I had some time and made two friendship books. One of them is the super complex type I make. The second is much simpler, without a decorated back.

Here are the pictures of the first fb:

The inside, kept simple this time:

The back, which I dare say is better than the front:

And here is the second one I made. I kept it as simple as possible and decorated neither the inside nor the back. Still the front looks good. Hell, Dante from Devil May Cry makes everything look good. ;)

Sorry about the poor quality of photos, but I covered both fbs by plastic before the pictures were taken, for fear of parts of the decoration coming off if I didn't.

The first picture was taken from  here.
The second picture is Sephiroth, taken from here.
And the third one is from my private collection. :)