Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Struggling with deco material

Die, the guitarist of the J-rock band Dir en Grey was kind enough to decorate the cover of this fb, albeit smiling. Die is well known for usually having all the cuteness and pleasant outlook of a hired assassin who has just discovered his entire family has been murdered.

You choose flat deco material and the plastic cover fits nicely and looks good. You choose more bulky stuff because it looks more impressive, and you really regret it. :-( This one has flat decoration, to the degree that was possible... I learned my lesson with the previous one...

The back of the fb:

Some people were kind enough to provide me with bits and pieces of the decoration I used. The list includes Virve and Tiina from Finland, Moonlight from UK and Katherine. Thank you girls! :-)

For your information, Die usually looks like this:
(You can use the photo to scare your kids into obedience, or to make them eat all their food. :-D)