Sunday, 11 November 2018

Breaking the rules is always fun

So, I was supposed to make a grey and pink HQ friendship book for me and one for my partner. Seeing that I wanted to do a Devil May Cry fb, I kind of broke the rules, and kind of didn't. I chose the appropriate picture in order to be able to decorate it with pink and grey. ;) I love pictures that are just on this side of inappropriate, without being completely inappropriate.
The cover:

To see a larger version of the pictures on Firefox: click on the picture, then right 
mouse click, choose View Image and press the little magnifying glass.

 The artist of the picture can be found here.

 The inside:

 Cover and back together:

It's super complex with several layers of decoration.
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 Here is the inside: 

As promised, here are some pretty fbs  I found in my swaps. Enjoy! 
 And one:

And two:
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