Friday, 9 November 2012

Awfully unusual even for my unusual standards.

And finished yesterday late...ish. Very lateish.

Again Angel_Thanatos, male Russian model from Vampire Freaks, was kind enough to decorate the cover and the back. If you ask me, decorating the back as elaborately as other people decorate some of their covers has become a bad habit. It takes a LOT of time to finish them.

The cover, in which I used windowpane glue (!?!)

The inside:

And the back, finished around 03:00 am last night:

At least the day before, when I was working on the cover. Yesterday that I finished the back and inside I was so sleepy that I did not listen to anything (save, of course, for annoying cats asking for food)...

More photos of Angel Thanatos here.

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