Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Xmas in Lala land

Because I could. :)
The front:

The inside:

The pink sheet with the embellishment works like a small curtain. I had plenty of time and madness to decorate the back of the 'curtain' as well.

And of course the back of the fb:

Made while listening to Matenrou Opera: Anomie 

Picture taken from Gentlemen in Black

I am making a second one, will probably post it tomorrow. XD


  1. So nice! I am tired of FB-sheets, but seeing this brings back the joy to swapping!

    1. Τhanks! I was tired of fb sheets too, this is why I stopped swapping them... ;)

  2. eheheh, you're doing an incredible work with the FB's. Wish I had the money to be in penpalling and I would requeswt one of those for me!! :P

  3. Thank you! You will probably love the new one. :)