Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Black and red and too bulky

The decorations were too bulky, hence the 'comely' effect of wrinkles when covered by plastic. Wrinkled tape means that part of the decoration (like border stickers) are pulled off the picture and there's general disruption all around. Hell and cucumbers, purgatory and artichokes. Damn. I swear I won't do it again.
Enough with the prologue and onward with the plot. Some photos were taken using early morning light and looked too pale, so I took more photos in the afternoon. They'll  give you a fair idea.

So, the front:
 To see a larger version, click on the picture, then right mouse click, choose View Image and press the little magnifying glass.

The inside: 

Now, if you pick up the small 'curtain' this is what you see:

 And the back:

I hope you like it, there is another one in production stage and one more nearly finished. Soon, soon. :)

Made while listening to Ultraviolence by Lana Del Ray.

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