Sunday, 18 March 2018

Um, Tokio Hotel fb? No?

Come on, what's a Tokio Hotel High Quality Friendship book possibly doing on my blog? I have no recollection. These things kind of happen to me, I swear. Don't they happen to you too? No? You don't find yourselves with a finished HQ fb in your hands and no memory of what took place? How strange. 😜

Sooo, I used super bulky decorations on this one and consequently also used clear, non-sticky plastic on top, to avoid the wrinkling effect/ border stickers getting unglued effect. Of course, clear plastic is the devil to keep in place and hide the wrapping points/ glued points. Double sided tape works miracles! Then I added sticky plastic to the rest of the fb, and I had to cleverly combine it with the non-sticky plastic, and again hide the points those two types met. But enough on that.

I could have decorated the entire friendship book in red and black, but I decided to use that brilliant shade of blue to break the effect of red/ black. What do you think?
To see a larger version of the picture: click on the picture, then right mouse click, choose View Image and press the little magnifying glass.

I am trying to keep the inside and back decoration to a minimum in order to make more fbs in less time. Um, not really working, I should say. But I am very pleased with the non-sticky plastic choice. You will probably see the finished result in one of your swaps soon. It has been released out there, hope to get it back one day!

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