Saturday, 5 January 2019

Dark elves rule

Yes, I love dark elves. And luckily in one of my groups we got them as a theme. I don't see in the swapping world as many dark and alternative themes as I would have liked. Therefore I signed for it with lightning speed and made two fbs. This is the fb I made for partner:

The cover:
To see a larger version of the pictures on Firefox: click on the picture, then right 
mouse click, choose View Image and press the little magnifying glass.

 The inside:

Then I made one for me, and went completely crazy with its decoration. Buying me a coffee allows you to see ten more posts with my fbs, available to supporters only! :)

This is the inside:
And as per usual, here are some pretty fbs I found in my swaps!

Here is one:

And here is a second one!
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