Friday, 16 August 2013

More Skarsgard for the masses

This one turned... ummmm... big. :/ But anyway.

 The inside:

The back:

My cat seems happy with it! :)


  1. Hello Elizabeth! It's Elisa, I received my full slam a few days ago!! MUCH THANKS!! :D I didn't received any of your emails (dunno why -_- because I still check that email address everyday), but the booklet arrived! ^_^

    By the way, very nice work!!!!!!! If these are just n&n, I wonder how HQ FBs would be :)


  2. Heya, my sweet Greek lady! I have checked the other blog after coming from the North of the country, but I've managed to forget this one. Just checked the few entries and you've kept yourself busy. I'd love to get one of those wonderful ones in my hands someday... :) hope that you're OK! B.