Thursday, 10 May 2018

Pink is the nicest colour

I don't know what other people say, but for me pink is downright gorgeous. (After black and purple, of course. Let's not forget I am primarily a black-loving person). It looks good on most people and it is a very easy-going colour. It can be combined with a lot of other hues. This can serve as an explanation why I was so tickled to do the following fb. 😀 The metal key was a nice touch, too.

To see a larger version of the picture: click on the picture, then right mouse click, choose View Image and press the little magnifying glass.

 Again I had to use non-sticky plastic for this fb as the embellishments are bulky. Here is the inside:

 And the back:

The model can be found here. He's quite feminine, but then again, this should come as no surprise, as I love androgynous and gender fluid individuals. (See three zillion Tokio Hotel fbs in my previous entries. 😉) 
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