Saturday, 18 August 2018

Absent-mindedness at its finest

I made this fb, took photos of the inside and back, mailed it off... and belatedly realised I had not taken any photos of the front. Well done! So I told my swappers to keep an eye in case they found it in one of their swaps. Thankfully one did, and she sent it back so that I could take photos.
Yes, this is the third Sephiroth fb I've made. Yes, I still want to date the lunatic bastard, but he won't return my calls. Men. They only want you if you remind them of their mommy.
This is the front. Unfortunately, I had already covered it in plastic when I took photos, so the colours aren't as bright and clear as they would have been without the plastic. 

To see a larger version of the pictures: click on the picture, 
then right mouse click, choose View Image and press the 
little magnifying glass.


The back:
The art belongs to this amazing artist here.
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