Sunday, 26 August 2018

Ouija board

You remember me telling you in the previous post that I joined two different crafting groups on Facebook, right? One group is more mainstream. Feel free to join too if you make High Quality fbs. Here is the link. You will have to show photos of your fbs to the administrator in order to verify you can make HQ. Other than that and being able to post worldwide and in a timely fashion, no other requirements are needed.

I joined the second group because it has darker themes. Deadlines are much more lax and you have the option to either make Nice and Neat fbs or HQ fbs. If you are interested, give it a go. Both groups are very friendly places and both administrators are nice people.  
If you need to see the differences between HQ and NN fbs you can check my post here. 

So, the first theme for the second group was Ouija board.  I asked my partner to send me a picture she liked to turn it into an fb for her. And she went and did it! She send me a mustard brown picture. Gasp! 😱 😖 😭 It belongs to my dark trinity, a.k.a. colours I don't use when I craft. The list of abominable colours is brown, green and orange. I stay away from them in my crafting. If it fits the picture I'll obviously use it, but in another case, dear God no. 

I bit the bullet, told myself to shut up, and started making her Ouija board fb. After all, the reason I joined the groups was to make something different than I usually do, experiment, become better. So I made this.  
To see a larger version of the pictures: click on the picture,  then right mouse click, choose View Image and press the  little magnifying glass.
 Back and front:

Then I made an Ouija board fb for me, using my favourite colours! 

This is the inside:
And the back: 

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