Sunday, 14 October 2018

Antique Keys

Next subject I chose for Exclusive HQ Fbs was Antique/ Ornate keys. As per usual, I made one fb for me and one for my partner. This is the fb I made for me:

To see a larger version of the pictures: click on the picture,  then right mouse click, choose View Image and press the  little magnifying glass.

Then I made an fb for my partner with a picture she liked.
You can see it here! 
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This is the back of my partner's fb. The front (see link above) is similar, but it looks so much better! :)

I come across a lot of beautiful fbs in the swaps I receive. These are not made by me, but they they are too pretty not to share them with you. I asked their makers and they were OK with it, and therefore decided to add an extra photo or two in every blog entry I write. So here goes, pink prettiness:

Aaand more pink prettiness:


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